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Hammond, M., Walsh, R., White, S., 2018.

RIGHTSIZING:Reframing the housing offer for older people

Output Type:Report
Brief Description/Editor(s):Commissioned by Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA)
Publisher:Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA)/PHASE @ Manchester School of Architecture

Despite common assumptions that most people want to downsize or enter specialist accommodation as they age, this report reveals that when it comes to choosing a home, older people are motivated by the same desires as other age groups. For example, wanting more space for guests, moving to a nicer area, and better access to green spaces. For these reasons, the report calls for UK local authorities, planners and developers to shift their emphasis from downsizing to 'rightsizing', when it comes to planning housing provision for older people. 'Rightsizing' is described as an older personís active, positive choice to move home as a means of improving their quality of life.