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Campbell, PGW., Linden, J., 2021.

Expanded Practice and Curation as Creative Process: An Introductory Assemblage

Output Type:Journal article
Publication:REPERTÓRIO: Teatro & Dança
Publisher:Universidade Federal da Bahia
Volume/Issue:19 (27)
Pagination:pp. 11-20

In this contextualising introductory essay,
the authors reflect on the ways in which the material,
institutional context of UK Higher Education
informed their initial thinking around the twin concepts
of expanded practice and curation as creative process.
These concepts are framed in relation to the wider
field of curation, Linden's previous
Curating Knowledge
research project and Nelson's (2013) notion of
as an imbrication of practice and theory. Finally, the
authors reflect on the other contributions comprising
this Special Edition of
REPERTÓRIO: Teatro e Dança
identifying the emerging conceptual frameworks and
key praxical concerns that fellow authors are identifying
in relation to curation and expanded practice in the
performing arts, reflecting on how this paradigm may
resonate within international contexts.