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Egan, K., 2015.

Constructing Negative Space

Output Type:Other form of assessable output

Behind the plasterboard walls of Reckless Sleepers' latest project, Negative Space, you will find many histories, many voices, many points of departure that are all colliding and competing for a place inside the work.  They all want to leave their mark, to be remembered, to be the foundation that is left when only the ruins remain. Part-archive, part-exhibition, part-documentation, this Curating Knowledge event attempts to look at where Negative Space has come from and what is left behind when the dust eventually settles. Each day Reckless Sleepers will expose elements of its process, providing a literal glimpse into the construction of the project by asking you to look through the negative space of the plasterboard walls. You will not get the full picture, but neither does Reckless Sleepers. After all, this is a creative process, and the company's perspective is skewed as much as yours. Yet the negative space the company exposes, and the subsequent knowledge that arises from this process of destruction, may allow us to appreciate the value of the ruin in front of us and to speculate on the histories that may or may not have existed in the development of the project.