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Mackenzie, N., 2010.

Three Sisters by Plane Performance

Output Type:Performance
Venue:National Tour

Three women talk at a table. Picked up via headset microphones, the words they say belong on the lips of three women trapped in a life of social decay and lost hope, in provincial Russia over 100 years ago. But they are not these women - they are not there, it is not then - and they know it. The conversation turns into a game, a free-flowing game of truth and dare, whilst the reality of the situation, and the presence of the audience, gradually shifts to the centre of their attention...

Three Sisters is a hugely engaging re-presentation of Anton Chekhov's play, a piece that is as much about its performance, its performers and its audience, as it is about three women trapped in provincial Russia, over 100 years ago.

Harking back to Plane Performance's Re-placing Texts trilogy, produced and toured between 2000 and 2005, Three Sisters blends technology and live performance in a hugely engaging theatrical experience - whether you know the original play or not.