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Macdonald, A., 2017.

Holding and Curation

Output Type:Journal article
Publication:REPERTÓRIO: Teatro & Dança
Publisher:Universidade Federal da Bahia
Pagination:pp. 49-58

In this article, itself a process of holding ideas together, I explore the way that what Metcalfe and Ferguson (2001) refer to as 'holding structures' within art can be said to resonate with curatorial processes. I focus upon a practice as research project that I completed in 2014 calledFalling for everything(Moving image, 2014: 5m 26). The praxical knowledge that emerged through handling materials during this project is articulated here in dialogue with a retrospective analysis of the work, which brings together the psychoanalytic theory of Winnicot (1965), Kristeva (1982), and Ettinger (1996) alongside the curatorial discourses of Bauman (1998), Doubtfire and Ranchetti (2015) and O'Neil (2010).Falling for everything (2014) forms part of a body of work exploring the relationship between holding and loss within the ontic boundaries of film, sitting within the field of socially engaged art whilst adding to a canon of work made by moving image artists engaging with representations of death.