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Macdonald, A., 2016.

Screendance, dying and the in-between

Output Type:Conference paper
Presented at:Lightmoves Festival of Dance
Venue:University Limeric
Dates:3/11/2016 - 5/11/2016

In this paper I consider what I call a state of moving stillness within two different events; the first being the Screendance body that moves without appearing to get anywhere, and the second being the dying body that moves but is not moving too anywhere. It focuses on a recent work of mine entitled Walk (2016) that re-performs the walk I took to the front of the church at my mother's funeral. Within it I explore the way that what I think of as the 'static movement' within Walk resonates with the temporality of dying. I place these events side by side here in the hope that, as Mulvey writes, one may 'generate a glimmering awareness' of the other and provoke thought about the relationships between movement, time and progression.