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Macdonald, A., 2016.

Not going anywhere: Screendance death and certainty

Output Type:Conference paper
Presented at:Les Danses Macabres: Death and the Moving Image. Fourth annual Screendance Conference to be held at the International Video Dance Festival of Burgundy
Dates:28/4/2016 - 30/4/2016

This paper considers the way that the oscillation between movement and stillness within screendance resonates with the time when we hover between life and death, the temporality of dying. It explores the way diverse works including Singing in the Rain (Donen & Kelly: 1952) and the author's own Walk (Macdonald: 2016, work to evoke philosopher Alphonso Lingis' description of the time of dying as, 'the time that goes nowhere' (Lingis, 1994:178-179).