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Alder, J., 2016.

The new immortals

Output Type:Exhibition
Venue:Phoenix Gallery, Brighton
Dates:20/2/2016 - 20/3/2016
Number of Works:2

In an age when scientists can create, manipulate, alter and sustain life to an extent once unimaginable, The New Immortals explores man's ongoing quest for immortality, from the historic search for eternal life through religion, alchemy, magic and medicine, to the modern miracles of contemporary biomedical science. We've been asking: Could indefinite human life become a reality? Would we really want to live forever? and What difference would it make if we never died?

Talking to scientists, clinicians, philosophers, ethicists, artists, curators and the public, the project explores ideas around medical immortality and what it could mean for humanity. It culminates in an exhibition of new work by ten artists at Phoenix Brighton in 2016.