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Macdonald, A., Jacob, M., 2015.

Striking through: writing practices and the discipline of research

Output Type:Conference paper
Presented at:Arts and Medical Humanities: Dangerous Currents: Risk and regulation at the interface of medicine & the arts
Dates:23/6/2015 - 25/6/2015

Thise paper focuses on the material written practices used in medical research and in the regulation of research - both the regulatory frameworks that frame research, and regulatory responses to research probity issues.
The aim paper is not to describeing or critiqueing research regulation, or what regulation allegedly 'does' to research or the other way around. The Goal is: to understand aspects of a written practice that is shared by scientists and regulators by engaging formally -- writing practice - without endorsing or critiquing it. . This is at's our constraint. A formal engagement.
Thise paper focuses onexplores 'lines' as a material, metaphorical and cultural form within research regulation in the broad sense. We propose that exploring lines - by bringing togetherusing aesthetic and analytical perspectives from art and socio-legal studies can offer surprising dividends to the study of science medical research and regulation across fields. The line forms we focus on here are; guidelines as a normative, future orientated, regulating practice within law, and the typographic device of strikethrough, the deceivingly innocent writing practice of striking through text, used to display and authenticate scientific regulatory and research processes.