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Mackenzie, NK., 2007.

Epilogue by Plane Performance, devised theatre composition, presented at PARIP International Symposium, Bretton Hall, University of Leeds, supported by Arts Council England.

Output Type:Other form of assessable output
Venue:PARIP International Conference, University of Leeds

Epilogue is a small-scale performance piece for three performers with audience seated on four sides, which proposes itself as a performance epilogue to the 'Re-Placing Texts Trilogy', through the act of performing the imagining of narrative epilogues to the source texts of the trilogy. Initially presented without iconic signification from lighting, sound or costume, and with the performers hands over their eyes, the piece proposes the performance of fiction as a physical task, through this highlighting the audience's consciousness of their own relationship with, and responsibility to, the bodies of the performers.

The piece questions assumptions about the task of the performer, the task of the audience, and the relationship between them. Highlighting the multiplicity of performance 'worlds' that are open to the theatre performer, and that exist between the notional duality of the 'fictional' and the 'live', Epilogue leaves the audience re-negotiating their level of acknowledgement and impact in and on the piece, the extent of the fictional identity of the space and the conventions operating to define their role as audience.

Epilogue continues the core project of the trilogy, addressing the co-existence of canonical dramatic text and self-conscious performance practice, whilst extending previous explorations into the performance/audience relationship and proposing how a previous performance (or series of performances) might operate as the textual basis for a new performance piece.