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Grimshaw, D., 2018.

Crafting the Digital : an investigation into material and process led digital making

Output Type:Exhibition
Venue:Craft Study Centre, University for the Creative Arts, Farnham
Dates:13/11/2018 - 15/12/2018
Number of Works:8

"...I'd be fascinated to see the sort of things I make being turned out by a computer - I really would - I'd love to see it. I bet I could do it better than the computer all the same!" (David Pye in conversation with Christopher Frayling, 1987) When reading Pye's comments on the pre-eminence of his making over that of a computer, it inspired me to investigate whether digital manufacturing technology had developed to a level where it could produce work with a similar level of finesse and beauty that is characteristic of Pye's work. Pye's making process using his fabulous "Fluting Engine" had particular constraints, risks and opportunities that led to the individuality and beauty embodied in his work, and whilst the CNC router has a similar reductive cutting process, it also has an individuality that is particular to its digitally controlled making process. Through my research, I have realised that my ambition is not to produce physical replicas of Pye's work, but to embody his making philosophy when using digital technologies. I now approach CNC manufacturing as a craft maker, focusing less on the CAD modelling process, and seeking to more fully engage and respond to the physicality of the digital making process. The more I engage with material, process and making, the closer I feel I get to embodying the philosophy of Pye. The showcase highlights some of my research investigations into process-informed digital making, which I hope it will reintroduce the work and writings of Pye to a new generation of digitally focussed makers and creatives, and in so doing pay homage to a great maker, and a great thinker.