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Hartshorne, I., 2018.

Teaching Painting: An organisation

Output Type:Exhibition
Venue:Manchester School of Art

This unique research project is led by Magnus Quaife and Ian Hartshorne, supported by leading academics teaching in major art schools. The organisation explores international developments in painting and it's teaching, critically questioning both. In doing so it answers feedback from REF 2014 suggesting research into pedagogy in the sector was lacking. It is the only sustained research of its kind in the world. We have visited art schools in Guangzhou, Belfast, and Dresden to explore different approaches to teaching. The research has resulted in:

Writing Painting/Painting Writing (the Whitworth 2018) with world leading figures (artist Alisson Katz, critic Barry Schwabsky and curator Andrew Hunt) debating this salient aspect of contemporary painting.

Peer reviewed conferences:
Teaching Painting; A Conference (the Whitworth, Manchester 2015)
Sessions: Institutions; Challenging Preconceptions; Contexts; Approaches.
Teaching Painting; Painting the New (Royal Academy, London 2018)
Sessions: Images and the Digital; Slippage, Doubt & Tacit Knowledge; Theory and Practice; Painting in and out of the studio; Painting Post Expansion; diversity and inclusion.
Leading academics from the UK, USA, Canada and Finland debated developments in the sector.

Edited, peer-reviewed publication:
Teaching Painting: How Can Painting Be Taught in Art Schools Now?
Hartshorne, Moloney, Quaife; Black Dog 2017.
This co-edited book is the first publication in the world providing insight into the ways in which painting is taught within art schools and academies, it offers methodologies both practical and theoretical. It benefits prospective and current lecturers and students by outlining the various approaches adopted by art school lecturers when considering how painting might be delivered. It also contributes to a wider cultural understanding of what painting currently is, and might achieve, within the context of higher education. The book has been widely distributed internationally (UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) and was reviewed in the International Journal of Education Through Art.