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McCartney, E., Lake, F., 2018.

"It was just too much": Exploring the learner's experience in Fine Art crits

Output Type:Journal article
Publication:Learning and Teaching in Action
Publisher:Manchester Metropolitan University
Volume/Issue:13 (1)
Pagination:pp. 49-68

This study employs discourse analysis and showcases the voice of
the learner to discover the experiences of the Fine Art critique (crit)
in relation to Boud's (2001) approach to peer learning. Combining
qualitative and quantitative approaches, the following questions are
What is the experience of a crit from the learner's perspective?
What can be put in place by facilitators to improve crit participation?
The data illustrate that group size, the role of the facilitator and how
various learning models are performed or resisted by the cohort can
affect learner confidence.