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Macdonald, A., 2019.

Lineage, Loss and liveness

Output Type:Conference paper
Presented at:International Meeting on Videodance and Videoperformance (5th EIVV)
Venue:Center del Carme, Valencia
Dates:3/10/2019 - 7/10/2018

In this paper I describe two different models of evolutionary time. I then consider how these models resonate with the temporality of screendance. This acts as a framework for me to think about both the evolution and temporality of my own work. Here I focus on those parts of my practice that appear to resist clear linear distinctions between presence and absence - focusing on the idea of responsivity.

I draw here on research into the temporality of screendance from writers such as Brannigan and Kappenberg, but I refer particularly to Harmony Bench's work on what she refers to as the 'eternal ephemeral tense' of intermedial practice. These writers embed philosophies of time from authors such as Bergson and Deleuze in their work. They also refer, as I do, to Phelan's influential work concerning dance and presence from performance studies.