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Macdonald, A., 2019.

Acts of Holding (collected body of practice-based screendance research) Falling for everything (Moving image 2014: 5m 15) Walk (Moving image 2016: 1m 57) After Mrs Mills (Moving image 2016: 3m 39) Walking (Progession) and Walking (Freestyle) (Moving im

Output Type:Other form of assessable output
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Number of Works:5

Acts of Holding is an internationally significant body of practice-based screendance research made between 2014-2018 that has been screened world-wide at screendance and moving image festivals as well as gallery settings and conferences. It brings together somatic and moving image practice in order to generate new insights into the temporal affect of the body onscreen, focusing on loss. Building on the hybrid work of screendance/moving image practitioners such as Becky Edmonds and Miranda Pennell, the research involves live recordings of singular, task based movement events that bring together embodied and film-based temporalities. Its practice-based, interdisciplinary methodology creates an innovative, analytic and iterative dialogue between: immediate movement, generated in response to a particular time and place, embodied movement that is, in phenomenological terms, long known in the body and the spectre of loss generated by the apparatus of film (Mulvey, 2006, Doane, 2009).