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Marshall, K., 2019.

Project[ed] Voices to Adopt a Slide: Transformations highlighting the fragility of an Archive'. A History of the impact of Visual Resources Centre (Slide Library) Campaign

Output Type:Other form of assessable output
Dates:9/10/2014 - 8/12/2015

Established in 2014 in response to the threat of disposal to a collection of 250,000 35mm slides held in the Visual Resources Centre (VRC), MMU, the 'Project[ed] Voices' exhibition paved the way to a two-year project to prevent the loss of the archive and its contents. The research aim, to establish the analogue collections as valuable to both future researchers and artist practitioners and identify the collections as of national importance to the cultural heritage of photographic image-making and now rare genus of library. Further, projects and research highlighted the imperative differences and importance of retaining the analogue, material archive compared to suggested digitization as a viable conservational alternative to retention.