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Aston, H., Aston, B., 2019.

H7 a micro house in Appledore

Output Type:Artefact
Venue:Appledore, North Devon

A self build micro house in Appledore, North Devon. After Since 1997 my husband and I have run a small architectural practice iballastonarchitecture, formed in order to draw on and develop experiences to date. This has resulted in a number of small community and housing projects being undertaken, one of particular note being the 5th Urmston Scout Group new Head Quarters. The practice provides a working platform for the development of our ideas and principles, undertakes innovative consultation and participative design approaches, has developed a series of design games for all client age groups and helps others to build. After years of enabling others to build we are currently at the end of a long process of a testing some self build principles on a micro-house in Appledore, North Devon using cement SIPS panels.