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Boys, J., White, S., Aston, H., Partington, Z., 2017.

'Collaborating with disabled artists to 'do inclusion differently'

Output Type:Conference paper
Presented at:Architecture Connects AAE Conference
Venue:Oxford Brookes University
Dates:6/9/2017 - 9/9/2017
Pagination:pp. 408-413

This paper reports on an Arts Council England (ACE) funded project that brought disabled artists into
architectural education, to prototype new ways of working together around the design of built space. Rather than
treating disability as a technical problem to be solved through design guidance, this project explored what happens
when we start from difference: when disability
ability are understood as complex, ambiguous and relational;
where engaging with the richness of biodiversity and neuro-divergence can enhance design; and as a means of
critically and creatively unravelling 'what is normal' about everyday social and spatial practices. We reflect on
what worked and what was less successful, and discuss possible future steps for building on disabled artists'
experience and creative talents to 'do inclusion differently' in architectural education.