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Parkinson, C., 2013.


Output Type:Performance
Venue:Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
Dates:23/9/2017 - 27/9/2017

dis/ordered is part personal reflection - returning to an impoverished seaside town to make sense of the unbearable - part detailed analysis of the history of psychiatric diagnosis, which Parkinson argues is largely reductivist and bio-medical, taking little account of social and environmental factors.

The performance sheds light on the authentic voices of people affected by Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), questioning diagnosis and exploring the ways in which people make sense of seemingly intrusive rituals and behaviour.

A live performative event commissioned by The Big Anxiety Festival, (University of New South Wales) written by Parkinson and performed by him over two days as part of this festival. A mix of spoken word and audio-visual material. Each one hour performance was live and unrecorded, and the only evidence of the material is from online publicity; a pre recorded teaser: and post performance taster: