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Na, J., Evans, M., Zitkus, E., Whicher, A., Walters, A., 2018.

Design in Action: Understanding the Drivers and Barriers to Strategic Use of Design for Innovation

Output Type:Conference paper
Presented at:Next Wave: The 21st DMI Academic Design Management Conference
Dates:1/8/2018 - 2/8/2018
Pagination:pp. 127-140

The strategic use of design has a critical role to play in driving innovation which results in societal and economic benefit. This is often achieved through the creation of new products and services, understanding and empathising with user and market trends, or employing creativity in the management of organisations. This strategic use of design as a catalyst for innovation is, therefore, increasingly recognised as an important asset for both private and public-sector organisations.
Drawing on a collaborative two-year research project which aims to develop an integrated action plan for design in the UK, this paper presents i) the context for the use of design as a driver for innovation, ii) the creation of a design stakeholder map from analysis of action plans across Europe, iii) the identifying of contemporary drivers and barriers to the strategic use of design by stakeholders in Scotland, and iv) recommendations for enhancing the strategic use of design in Scotland.