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Fox, S., Bacon, T., 2016.

The Forgotten -The Unborn. TF2016

Output Type:Exhibition
Venue:Descartes Gallery 1 Matthews Yard, Off Surrey Street Croydon, CR0 1FF
Dates:22/7/2016 - 29/7/2016
Number of Works:16

A series of pre-term babies shown as part of the day 2 of the Tempting Failures Festival of Performance in London curated by Thomas Bacon & Sue Fox

The Forgotten (The Unborn) by Sue Fox

"Some die in the womb,
Others.... the moment they are born,
Or while crawling,
Or running about.
Some grow old and some die young,
And some in the 'prime' of 'youth',
In due course, 'they' all pass on".

These small human beings (whom I photographed in the morgue,) are the 'divine' creations of nature in all its 'exquisite' and manifold forms. To look at these fragile foetuses, is to look in 'wonderment' at the differences and similarities in us all. To look at these babies we can create a new space to recall such 'short' lives and engage in our own more fully.

To contemplate the life that never materialised into its full potential, is a sad fact. These tiny humans are not to be forgotten but are to be remembered and observed in their full beauty and in their anon-ymity.

Each image is a mirror of our mortality.
Each image a pause.
Each image a 'moment' gone by.
Each image is a blissful memory....
An ache-ing encounter.

To reflect upon human suffering is a way to get closer to life and to build a growing empathy towards others and our selves.

Life is a trance, a temporal fast flight forward.
We are transient beings inhabiting limitless space. The body is a shell. We are painted puppets living in a burning house. We are souls caught adrift in a strange corporeal and subterranean flesh. We are both filth and rapture.

"Stars, darkness, light,
A phantom, a dewdrop, a bubble,
A dream, a lightening flash, a cloud,
This is how all things should be seen." S.Fox