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Lopez, J., 2010.

'Doppleganger' - Antique Children

Output Type:Book
Publisher:AQC Createspace

A Mischievous Literary Arts Journal No.3 Doppelg?nger is the manifest action of a lofty attempt to raise the negative constitution that exists within every individual situated in the collective bargaining of humanity, which often suppresses an individual's innate desire for revelation, most of all the kind of revelation that reveals itself as a mysterious double of one's self. Eternity's will to know itself is a positive electrical charge that shapes an expan-sive, revealing and outgoing being, which is interdependent upon the hidden, undesired self. Writers: Agent Pinnother, Pepe Mendez Llarosa, Johannes de Silentio, Mark Burrows, a very small man with a very small pistol and mustache, Alfred Henry, Zoo Blessed, Mike Hunt, Gail, Gerald Alexander, "Chip" Gunderloy, Alexis Byter, Rick, Saul Golden, Howard McCalebb, Jack Merde, Holy Fool, Dryte Dunler, andRocky Redglare.

Interview: Jim Lopez discusses Garbology with artist Aaron Olshan

Poets: Hyse-Gysens Scinomad, rof, Canis Lupus

Comics: Sarah C. Bell, Rick Grimes

Artists: Alfred Muro Sea Monster, Horacio Bustos, Cody Sevedge, Laurie Lipton, Hollace Metzger, Baron Norris, K.D. Matheson, Stephan Maich, Tom Livo, Alva Bernadine, Aaron Olshan, Aunia Kahn, Erland Mrk, Agnieszka Zwara, Rick Grimes, Jeffrey Scott, Howard, McCalebb, Cate Rangel, Amanda Kiefer, Trz and Janieta Eyre