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Mey, K., 2007.

Art and Obscenity: On the Margins of the Aesthetic in 20th century Western Visual Culture

Output Type:Book
Publisher:I.B. Taurus

This book discusses the problems from conceptualising obscenity and suggests that it has a similar response as pornography does. Mey discusses Molinier, Judy Chicago, Freudian ideas and fetishism. She looks at the abject body and relates it to the writings of Kristeva and Lacan. She also looks at violent images of the corpse and contextualises those within the writings of Bataille. The text features reproductions of artists like Hans Bellmer, the Chapman Bros, Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Robert Mapplethorpe, Pierre et Gilles, Jan Saudek, Sue Fox, Natacha Merritt, Annie Sprinkle and Amanda Coogan.