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Jelden, E., Jung, M., 2001.

Projekt Leben Ethik für die Oberstufe

Output Type:Book

Confucius taught over 2,500 years ago that the noblest way to act is to think. In this sense, "Project Life" provides a common thread for action-oriented, lively instruction in ethics and philosophy with photographs pertaining to such things. Current ethical questions include everyday experiences and encourage independent reflection.

In each chapter methods of philosophy are presented and practiced. In this way, you can convey important forms of work such as the Socratic Conversation, the Future Workshop, Scenario Technique, Ethical Arguing and the Analysis of Texts. The comprehensive glossary explains the main technical terms.

The free online support to the textbook offers, among other things, a "lexicon of philosophers and thinkers". Here you will find information sheets with information on the lives and works of selected personalities.