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Fox, S., Darby, H., 2014.

The Visceral Tear - Post Mortem

Output Type:Conference paper
Presented at:Encountering Corpses Symposia MMU Humanities In Public IHSSR
Venue:Manchester Museum
Dates:24/3/2014 - 24/3/2014

'The Visceral Tear' paper recounts the mortuary experience through photographs and poetry translated onto film alongside such speakers as Paul Koudounaris, Duncan Light, Emma Fox, Sue Fox, Samantha McCormick, Lee Mellor (Author of 'Cold North Killers'), Campbell Price, Julie Rugg, Faye Sayer, Bryan Sitch, Craig Young.

This event discussed a wide range of issues in contemporary society surrounding the human body after the point of death. We specifically addressed how the materiality of the human corpse is treated in and through display, exhibition, sanctification, memorialisation, burial and disposal.