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Fox, S., Seitl, M., Lundahl, C., 2000.

Four Stages of Conversations @ Fierce Festival 2013

Output Type:Performance
Venue:Warwick University Campus - Helen Martin Studio

Christer Lundahl and Martina Seitl, create immersive, participatory environments, often involving intimate binaural recording and the touch of a disembodied hand. You may remember their work, Symphony of a Missing Room at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, from Fierce Festival 2011. This year they are developing a new work; part of the research has involved Sue Fox, a hypnotist artist, writer and performer who worked on Ron Athey's Gift's of the Spirit that featured in Fierce last year 2012.

This work takes conversation itself as a medium. The dialogues will be enriched by a series of experts from a range of disciplines invited to participate from academic departments across the Warwick University campus.

Fierce Thoughts: "Lundahl & Seitl are pioneering a new kind of artwork in which the viewer's perception is both the medium of the work and its potential content, as well as the means to receive it." This quote from a visitor to their work succinctly captures the 'red thread' that courses through Martina and Christer's work.