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Aston, H., Crompton, E., 2019.

PRAXXIS: A Feminist Design Atelier

Output Type:Conference paper
Presented at:Fielding Architecture: Feminist Practices for a Decolonised Pedagogy
Venue:Brighton School of Architecture, Brighton University
Dates:24/6/2019 - 25/6/2019

PRAXXIS is a feminist design atelier at the Manchester School of Architecture examining the current governing structures of the discipline and profession of architecture from a critical gendered standpoint . Taking an intersectional approach, we analyse how interlocking systems of power impact on those who are most marginalised in society and how these manifest in the built environment. This paper will reflect on feminist pedagogical methods used to challenge practice, institutional and societal structures through the following themes:
* We claim architectural education is transformational for both students and staff. Created as a platform and safe 'thinking space', PRAXXIS encourages self-directed methods and responses, where prominence is given to the production of both personal and political projects which are situated globally, nationally and locally
* PRAXXIS has developed a project roadmap as a tool for critical self-reflection so that each student can identify, unlearn and re-learn feminist methods, tactics and ways of doing architecture . The roadmap recognises the student as an individual reflective practitioner.
* As a way of challenging normative practice, we ask the students to consider who is 'around their table', suggest who is missing and make space for those absent from spatial practice.