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Whittow-Williams, R., 2019.

'Archi-culture': Exploring (innovations in) contemporary studio culture

Output Type:Presentation
Venue:Westminster School of Architecture, Westminster University

A debate on the concept of Archi-culture... This panel discussion seeks to explore the concept of contemporary design studio culture within both architectural education and practice, and reflect upon how innovations in teaching methods and technology might challenge and/ or support future models of practice.
The term 'studio culture' has both positive and negative connotations for architects and recent graduates; historically lauded as a place where a community of students develop and hone their own creative processes and learn to be critiqued under the watchful eye of a unit master, archi-culture has also become notorious for the high-stress competitive environment it creates, including a 'long hours' philosophy which breeds bad habits within the wider profession.
As increasing importance is placed on improving student wellbeing and the diversity of the profession, to what extent do the stereotypical characteristics of archi-culture apply to contemporary models
of architectural education and emerging models of practice? And how can innovations in teaching methodologies and collaboration empower students and equip them with the skills they need to succeed in the rapidly evolving context of the built environment profession?
Rae Whittow-Williams, Critical Practice Tutor at the London School of Architecture & Teaching Fellow at
the Bartlett, UCL
Helen Aston, leader of BA3 at Manchester School of Architecture & PRAXXIS atelier
Alexander Frehse, ex- London School of Architecture student (first cohort) & Co-Founder of Studio 8FOLD
Pedro Gil, Senior Lecturer at Brighton School of Architecture, Senior Fellow at the Bartlett, UCL & Director/ Founder of Studio Gil
Torange Khonsari, Course Leader 'Design for Cultural Commons' at The Cass, Co-Founder & Director of Public Works
Jessie Turnbull, 2nd Year Design Tutor at the London School of Architecture & Associate at MICA