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Crompton, E., Taylor, G., Cornish, N., Rutt, S., Benson, S., 2019.

What makes a house a home?

Output Type:Presentation
Venue:Glass House One\ Festival Square (Albert Square) Manchester M2 5DB

1. Defining house\ home
The house, "a machine for living in" (Le Corbusier), or a place "to dream." (Gaston Bachelard)?
2. Building homes\ creating communities
How do you create a community from nothing?
3. Flexible design for living
Shifts in social demographic and changing lifestyle choices (aging population, "alternative" family types, etc.) have led to greater demand than ever for more flexible housing while commercial pressures mean designers and developers have to find efficiencies wherever possible... how can we deliver buildable, saleable, liveable, flexible and adaptable homes for now and future generations?
4. Tenure: current and future trends
Is there a mismatch between the designs we develop to suit new trends in residential tenure (B2R, co-living, aparthotels, etc.) and architecture which should be built to last?