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Tan, KS., 2017.

Hand-in-Hand: Activating the Body in Motion to Re-Connect with Ourselves and Others amidst a World in Motion and Commotion

Output Type:Chapter in a book
Publication:Chronotopies: Lecture et écriture des mondes en mouvement (Chronotopics: Readings and Writings on a World in Movement)
Brief Description/Editor(s):Drevon, G., Gwiazdzinski, L.
Publisher:Elya Editions, France
Pagination:pp. 59-69

My invited chapter was part of a book in French and English which explores readings and writings on a world in movement. It draws on my 7-year research and practice in running, and 20 year research and practice exploring the body in motion as a process of interrogation and intervention in a world in motion and commotion.

My chapter asks: Amidst the unstable world today, how could the individual activate their body in motion to create artistic interventions to map -- connect and correlate -- with the world, other people and themselves? Drawing on an example of a commission entitled Hand-In-Hand commissioned for the Festival of Tiles, a street festival that welcomed 100,000 people to celebrate the beginnings of the French Revolution in Grenoble, France in Summer 2016 and running through its sources of inspiration, the essay invites you to create your own artistic interventions.

Post the Brexit Referendum 2016, the work has since been adapted for workshops with:

- nurses from the Manchester Royal Infirmary, as a commissioned participatory work as part of Shot in the Dark at Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester UK Summer 2016

- GPs who are also lecturers, as a commissioned workshop as part of KUMEC, King's Undergraduate Medical Education Conference Summer 2018

- students of the MA Education in Arts & Cultural Settings, School of Education, Communication & Society, King's College London October 2019