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Lee, S.J., Stone, S., 2017.

Teaching Continuity: New Modes for Developing Architectural Design in Historic Settlements

Output Type:Conference paper
Presented at:REHAB 2017: 3rd International Conference on Preservation, Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Historical Buildings and Structures
Publication:REHAB 2017 Proceedings
Venue:Braga, Portugal
Dates:14/6/2017 - 16/6/2017

Architecture that is enacted within the core of the historic city faces unprecedented tensions. It is stretched between the demand for technical improvements, which is in some part driven by climate change, and the determination to develop expressive set-piece architectural solutions. Continuity in Architecture is a studio for post-graduate teaching, research and practice at the Manchester School of Architecture. Within the atelier, we seek to find ways of equipping students to derive delightful, rigorous, and measured responses to historically-sensitive contexts. This work seeks to lay new foundations for the next generation of architectural contextualism. It develops an appreciation across a wide spectrum of theorists and approaches. Through this research, we will present principles and methodologies for structuring teaching in urban and archi- tectural design, using philosophical-theoretical frameworks as a backdrop to successful case studies and teaching outcomes. For over twenty years, Continuity in Architecture has been promoting a particular approach to the development of architectural solutions; one with profound integrity and which is contextual, expressive, pragmatic, visionary, and environmentally appropriate.