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Pinchbeck, M., 2018.

A Fortunate Man

Output Type:Performance
Venue:Touring production

50 years ago, the visionary writer John Berger and Swiss photographer Jean Mohr published A Fortunate Man, a meditation on the role of a doctor that is still widely read by healthcare practitioners today. The book followed the daily life of English country general practitioner John Sassall, witnessing his compassion as well as his practice as a physician through storytelling and photography. 15 years after the book?s publication, Sassall took his own life. Taking this tragic event as a starting point, New Perspectives teams up with theatre maker, Michael Pinchbeck, to create a stage exploration of the book, interposing it with interviews with medical practitioners today. Part theatre-lecture, part expressionistic explosion of the book, A Fortunate Man is an interrogation about the passions and pressures of being a doctor in the modern world and what that says about the future health of our society.