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Pinchbeck, M., 2013.

Training grounds: training and... Travel

Output Type:Journal article
Publication:Theatre Dance and Performance Training
Publisher:Routledge: Taylor & Francis Group
Pagination:pp. 420-421

February 2012. Research trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is snowing when I visit Sarajevo War Theater. Up a steep hill not far from the Zetra Stadium. Where Torvill and Dean danced to Bolero in 1984. Old people struggle to stay on their feed. Children zoom downhill on handmade sledges. A young man clears the snow from the theatre's doorway. I ask him if this is the the theatre and he says 'This is Sarajevo War Theater, so we are used to worse than this'. In England, when it snows the show is cancelled. Here, the show must go on. Because they are used to worse than this.