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Crompton, E., 2018.

Library of Engagements

Output Type:Performance
Venue:Hasselt, Belgium

The 'Library of Engagements' is a live installation. It is a participatory design tool for engaging citizens in the production of space, urban and architectural design in the city. This piece of work aims to bring the debate about community participation and public consultation in the built environment to as wide an audience as possible and hopes to contribute to the movement to obliterate the myth that space is produced by a single person. Most of all it is generous and connects to the individual participant to suggest a method that they could use in their own community or neighbourhood.

The librarian, Emily, invites individuals, or small groups to share a collection of "methods of engagement" - which are inspirational ideas to transform where you live. Emily will personally present the methods in the form of a library catalogue and archive, which she will share through objects, artefacts and stories to suit each visitor.

Emily is an architect and urban designer with a desire to involve as many people as possible in the design of spaces, buildings, neighbourhoods and cities. The Library of Engagements will take place on Tuesday 21 August at Fietsbar Cycle Shop, Minderbroedersstraat 54, 3500 Hasselt and it is open to the public - everyone is welcome to attend.