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McCusker, S., 2018.

Learning through architecture and successful capital projects in the post-capitalist economy of Northern England

Output Type:Journal article
Publication:Journal of Co-operative Studies
Volume/Issue:51 (2)
Pagination:pp. 55-62

Through the lens of architecture and empirical research, this paper demonstrates how successful, award-winning capital projects are not the preserve of the economically privileged in a post-capitalist UK. Considering a background of professional and academic theory it links the 2011 Localism Act with a growing Social & Solidarity Economy and draws on the author's historic research on the architectural heritage of the co-operative movement and how co-operative societies have approached this in the past. The discussion reflects on the author's direct experience of working on three architectural co-operative projects (Unicorn Grocery, Bamford Community Society's Public House, and Stretford Public Hall) with themes of community asset transfer, funding, co-operative business models, implementation of the 6th co-operative principle; sustainable capital projects, evolution of a business plan, and the potential role of the architect as an educator within that to inform decisions on such projects including responsible specification and recycling of waste materials from site.