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Morfill, S., Giles, S., 2019.

Found Gestures (London)

Output Type:Exhibition
Venue:Five Years, London

Found Gestures (London) resulted from the same 4-month period of collaboration with Susan Giles that resulted in the production of artefacts exhibited in Found Gestures at Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago.

A second residency at Five Years, London involved a different community of participants. The premise of recording the movements of speakers' hands as they drew in air whilst describing the experience of seeing memorable art works, exhibitions or events remained the same. However, this time they referred to experiences at Five Years over the course of its 20-year history.

Whilst starting with the same motion capture process, here the work developed as a series of 3D printed artefacts, exhibited alongside diagrammatic drawings that provided context for the sculptural objects.

These works collectively presented an alternative archive to the accumulation of physical and digital material to promote and record exhibitions and events. Instead, these are a series of personal perceptions and memories that in turn generate a new form of drawing.

In November 2019 a 36-page full colour publication including two commissioned texts was published by Hyde Park Art Center. The publication, included documentation from both Found Gestures (Chicago) and Found Gestures (London).