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Griffiths, JR., Siân Lambert, J., 1995.

CD-ROM interfaces: full-text databases

Output Type:Journal article
Publication:Library Review
Volume/Issue:44 (8)
Pagination:pp. 20-27

<jats:p>Examines the growing, and diverse, full-text CD-ROM marketplace.
Draws heavily on material from the 10th and 12th editions of TFPL´s <jats:italic>CD-ROM Directory</jats:italic>. Uses various parameters to discover the extent of
fragmentation within the full-text CD-ROM marketplace. Full-text CD-ROMs
are designed for end-users and as such need an easy-to-use interface.
However, the extent of proliferation and diversification of retrieval
software brings into question ease of use of CD-ROM generally, and
full-text products specifically. In spite of the diversification and
complexity, areas of expansion in the full-text marketplace are
identified. They are seen to be within the home and schools´ markets,
and also within specific subject areas; notably law, business and
commerce and news information. As the market matures it will be
interesting to note which interfaces survive, and why.</jats:p>