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Rossi, L., Pedata, L., Porfido, E., Resta, G., 2018.

Fragile Edges and Floating Strategies along the Albanian Coastline

Output Type:Journal article
Publication:The Plan Journal
Publisher:MAGGIOLI S.p.A.
Volume/Issue:2 (2)
Pagination:pp. 685-705

The essay investigates coastline development along the southern area of the Albanian Riviera, introducing the concepts of "landscape fragments" and "landscape within a landscape" as design methodologies. By speculatively reversing the order of landscape perception from land to water, the coastline becomes a flexible device capable of responding to unpredictable future events - natural disasters related to climate change (rising sea levels), or globally challenging socio-political phenomena (such as mass migration growing in scope, complexity and impact). The experimental design approach involves the design and representation of an incremental waterscape. By reversing the morphological perception of the coastal landscape and making a set of tactical selections in natural and artificial landscapes, the students highlighted the territory's potential. With new awareness, they proposed site-specific interventions along the coast and inland, re-territorializing the "apparent tabula rasa" and demonstrating the coastline's potential dynamic reaction to environmental challenges.