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Hidalgo Arellano, J┴., 2017.

Gi˛ Ponti y Amate l'architettura. Contradicciˇn y verdad como fuente inagotable de significado en el proyecto de arquitectura. Contradiction and Truth as inexhaustible source of meaning in the architectural project

Output Type:Conference paper
Presented at:Proceedings of the Ibero-American Congress redfundamentos 2017
Venue:Madrid, Spain
Publisher:Redfundamentos SL, Madrid
Dates:11/12/2017 - 13/12/2017
Pagination:pp. 1035-1045

In 1957, Gi˛ Ponti publishes Amate l'architettura. L'architettura Ŕ un cristallo. This book was conceived as a 'little pocket architecture'. It is an unusual and heterogeneous book, where the author asserts about so varied subjects. The book shows the value of eclecticism as an architectural design method. Gi˛ Ponti seems reluctant to lose any architectural value, so anyone could find them, from the beginning, as an archaeologist. There is an explicit statement about the concept of integration: all beneficial arguments should be included in the architectural work. He states even that contradiction should be a design method. It seems that all the knowledge, meaning and richness we can find in a work is already in the very beginning of its creation. We can also discover in the text a specific poetics that emphasizes (or rejects) some ideas in order to create a complete unitary work, who may content itself all the possible works, so to say.