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Kelly, R., Fruebing, S., 2021.

Whose futures need crafting? A collaborative evaluation of the British Council/Crafts Council <i>Crafting Futures</i> 5K grant scheme

Output Type:Journal article
Publication:Art, Design &amp; Communication in Higher Education
Volume/Issue:20 (1)
Pagination:pp. 103-114

<jats:p>Sandra Fruebing and Rachel Kelly were recipients of 2018-19 British Council/Crafts Council Crafting Futures 5k grants. A dialogue between Fruebing and Kelly started when they both returned from their project work in Egypt and the Philippines respectively. Both participants related
their experiences through their conversations and this led them to discuss and reflect through regular online exchanges stretching from 2019 to 2020. They both are now considering how their experiences of working with marginalized craft communities have become a position from which to consider
the role of development in Art & Design Higher Education research and practice. The spectrum of collaboration and companionship that is emerging from their work, both individually and through online meetings and conversations, become like a radio signal, which is tuning and making audible
their similar experiences and understandings.</jats:p>