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Drake, P., 2018.

From Co-productions to 'Co-distributions'? Re-evaluating Distribution Policies for European Film

Output Type:Chapter in a book
Publication:European Film and Television Co-production
Brief Description/Editor(s):Hammett-Jamart, J., Mitric, P., Novrup Redvall, E.
Publisher:Springer International Publishing
Pagination:pp. 83-104

Drake explores the under-researched relationship between European film production and distribution, and examines a range of European policies designed to support film distribution, including digital and video-on-demand (VOoD)/Over-the-Top (OTT) distribution. Significant focus has been placed on understanding production in European cinema; however, there has been a lack of scholarly analysis of film distribution. The article offers an analysis of MEDIA programme support for distribution, presenting data across participating countries, and highlights differential forms of subsidies for pan-European film distribution. It concludes with an analysis of two recent European initiatives to support cross-border digital distribution: Walk This Way (WtW) and The TIDE Experiment, and considers how alternative forms of distribution across national boundaries ('co-distributions') might reach wider audiences through a combination of traditional and digital distribution platforms.