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Aston, H., 2020.

These feminist things...

Output Type:Presentation
Venue:An interdisciplinary Network of Events celebrating all things feminist, all things women and policy for Baby Week across Manchester, Leeds and Bradford

Often based on binary and genderised thinking and attitudes there are still so many personal, economic, environmental, political and social inequalities that impact on women particularly with regards to health. Despite over a century of fundamentally changed rights towards our bodies, the spaces we use and the services we access do not always make things easy.
With many years of doing these feminist things throughout most areas of my life I would like to share some thoughts on how architecture and design from a feminist position can draw together more inclusive conversations and actions towards better more equal services and spaces for women. I will chat to you about some of the projects that I have been involved in and how teaching using these agendas in a school of architecture is still really important.