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Stone, S., 2020.

Undoing Buildings: Assemblage, Memory and the Recovery of Wholeness

Output Type:Journal article
Publication:The Architect
Publisher:China Architecture & Building Press
Volume/Issue:October 2020/5 No. 207
Pagination:pp. 029-035

Buildings can in microcosm represent the attitudes and culture of the society that occupy them. Inevitably this process of addition and reuse is cyclical along with the development of the social culture. The content of this paper is the historical research on the existing building reconstruction which especially focusing on the the greater relationship between the form of the existing building and the resultant form of the adaptation within building reuse projects rather than the simple variation of function or use.Through the elaboration of collective memory and identity combined with ideas of tradition, history and culture, this paper attempts to retain a sense of continuity with the past as a way of creating a sustainable future.