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Stone, S., 2019.

Conservation as experience

Output Type:Chapter in a book
Publication:Conservation - Consumption Preserving the Tangible and Intangible Values
Brief Description/Editor(s):Fiorani, D., Franco, G., Kealy, L., Musso, SF., Calvo-Salve, MA.
Publisher:EAAE, Hasselt, Belgium 2019

Experience design can be described as the choreography of temporary and shifting engagements across a series of design disciplines. Conservation is just one of those disciplines and as such has embraced the contemporary need for the seemingly historical authenticity within such experiences. These are recreational activities that occur in places that are imbued with a sense of time and history, but which embrace the contemporary attitude towards what is precious. Today time is the most precious commodity of all, and testament to this is the need to experience, to live, to engage with different and worthwhile pursuits. However, this preciousness is also exposed in the attitude towards the conservation of the existing environment, where again it is the precious time needed to laboriously clean and repair the building that is valued, thus contemporary design and conservation practices pursue a similar authenticity.