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Crompton, E., 2021.

Realising Feminist Architecture: Teaching to that 'Ah Ha' Moment!

Output Type:Conference paper
Presented at:V CIAG| V International Congress on Architecture and Gender | ACTION. Feminisms and the spatialization of resistances
Venue:Lisbon, Portugal
Dates:21/4/2021 - 23/4/2021

There comes a point in each academic year where theoretical positioning gives way to the practical act of design. Students are knee deep in tracing paper, hunched over laptops and swearing at the limits of their chosen drawing package. This is my favourite part of the year, when I am most animated; whole hours are given over to discussing the significance of the entrance location or a particular toilet design, and the implications of certain spatial sequences are sketched out and marked up and drawn again and again (and again). And while designing, always asking, why that might be feminist (or not?)

This paper will discuss the spatial consequences of feminist architectural design decisions illustrated by two student-led projects and their particular applications. Through reflection on two micro teaching events, I want to highlight the importance of inter-personal relationships in the classroom and promote the power of realisation - that 'Ah Ha' moment - in teaching feminist architects-to-be. The two case studies will use particular spatial issues to consider what feminist architecture might constitute.