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Murphy, E., Evans, M., 2015.

The Times They Are a-Changin': Future perspectives on design industry business models

Output Type:Conference paper
Presented at:European Academy of Design Conference Proceedings 2015
Publication:11th EAD Conference Proceedings: The Value of Design Research
Venue:Paris Descartes University, France
Publisher:The European Academy of Design
Dates:22/4/2015 - 24/4/2015

This paper draws upon Design 2020 (Cooper, Evans, and Williams, 2009; Williams, Cooper, Evans, and Sun, 2009), a research project that investigated the threats and opportunities for the UK design industry towards 2020, and reflects on the dynamic nature of the design industry. The project identified ten design industry business models that were emerging in the latter part of the noughties and were business models that would be prevalent in the UK in 2020. Since Design 2020 was conducted, the design industry has undergone further change, and therefore, it is valuable to revisit these business models, and comment upon the changes and refinements which reflect the ever-changing design industry ecosystem. Indeed these design business models continue to evolve and therefore there is the need to develop skills in our designers and design graduates that equip them to engage with design business models of the future.