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Rossi, L., Pedata, L., Porfido, E., 2018.

Floating strategies for Adriatic-Ionian tourism development

Output Type:Conference paper
Presented at:Enhancing sustainable tourism in adriatic-ionian region through co-creation the role of Universities and public-private partnerships.
Publication:Eum Edizioni UniversitÓ di Macerata
Venue:Macerata (IT)
Dates:15/9/2018 - 16/9/2018
Pagination:pp. 165-189

The Observatory of Mediterranean Basin (OMB) is a
research unit that belongs to the Applied Research Department
of the IKZH, at POLIS University, in Tirana (Albania). The
main objective of this unit is to observe and investigate on
relevant issues concerning the preservation and development of
Albania's land and water landscape within the Mediterranean
environment. In the Architecture and Planning Applied
Research field the topic of preservation as well as development
of the coastal area is currently the main research focus, and the
OMB is interested in joining public and private interest trough
research activities and applied projects. Within this frame of
interest one of the main objectives of the OMB is to include
within the geographic limit of investigation - between land and
water - not only the sea, but also river basins17.