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Crompton, E., 2021.

Conversations in the Library of Engagements

Output Type:Exhibition
Venue:ENGAGE 20201 (un)conference
Dates:11/10/2021 - 15/10/2021
Number of Works:1

The Library of Engagements is a collection of methods, techniques and tools used in Participatory Design with an aim to inspire citizens and designers to use engagement in the production of space. This exhibition will bring two of the projects 'held' in the library to life through a structured conversation between the Librarian and two individuals involved in participative design processes, both of which led to a built outcome. Neither guest is a design professional, but both have been instrumental in the facilitation and realisation of engaged design projects. The conversation will be reflective and informal, this is no silent library - everyone is welcome!

The exhibit will be a podcast style audio recording of a conversation, no longer than 1 hour, between the Librarian (Emily Crompton) and two other individuals. The recording will be supplemented by visual artefacts chosen from The Library of Engagements to help illustrate the projects, engagement methods used and outcomes.
Those engaging with the exhibit will be able to hear from people directly involved in an engaged design process for a building, both of whom are non-designers but were instrumental to the projects. The conversation will be facilitated by the Librarian who will navigate key themes of engagement methods used.