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Tan, KS., 2021.

A Neuro-Futuristic 2050

Output Type:Artefact
Venue:Attenborough Arts Centre

In response to the provocation that 'The World is a Work in Progress', Kai has created an installation and durational performance titled 'A Neuro-Futuristic 2050'. With this new work the artist asks us to consider the question: what would a neurodiversity-led reality look like? She proposes that art has a vital role to play in creating bold visions of how things might be better, and that each of us can play an active part in that process. Encompassing video, performance, print and large-scale tactile tapestry in an oversaturated, over the top, tentacular presentation, 'A Neuro-Futuristic 2050' is a call to action that references more-than-human, non-western philosophy, and draws on Chinese body-mind-place poetics, as performed by an Octopussy. At various moments throughout the exhibition the artist will host live performances and conversations with visitors and special guests, in the gallery and online