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Egan, K., Wetherell, M., 2020.

Discussing Negative Space: 10 Questions for Reckless Sleepers

Output Type:Other form of assessable output
Publisher:Digital Theatre+

This is a book of conversations about the Reckless Sleepers' project, Negative Space. A sister project to their previous show Schrödinger, which can be viewed online here. It is a project that borrows, extends and re-invents certain materials and practices from Schrödinger but which also stands apart from it; developing a personality and agenda of its own.
This book contains recorded conversations between Artistic Director, Mole Wetherell, and company member, Kevin Egan; transcribed conversations from company meetings; and captured conversations from post-performance discussions.
Each conversation begins with a question.
A question we ask of ourselves or a question
that gets asked of us by an audience member. Sometimes we try and answer them, other
times we take a tangential journey and end up somewhere else. Sometimes we get excited about the other ideas that the question brings up and other times we just can't find an appropriate answer. But these are all questions that allow us to start a conversation; that allow us to articulate something about the project that might not be as visible in what is experienced in the performance.
These conservations might offer an insight into the project, the company, the process or the development of ideas, but they might also help
to understand how the process of making this particular project is entangled within a mesh of anecdotes, seemingly irrelevant memories and the excitement that comes from making work with your friends.